Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Source: News4Jax

On May 24, several bouncers were caught on camera punching, and  kicking patrons of the Conch House in St. Augustine. Some went so far as to throw unconscious people in the water. 

Let me be clear: Bouncers are NOT law enforcement officers. They CANNOT attack people. They CANNOT sucker punch someone as they walk away. Pursuant to Section 509.143, Florida Statutes, on behalf of the owner/operator of an establishment, they may only, "take a person into custody and detain that person in a reasonable manner and for a reasonable time if the operator as probably cause to believe that the person was engaging in disorderly conduct in violation of s. 877.03 on the premises of the licensed establishment and that such conduct was creating a threat to the life of safety of the person or others." Then, they MUST call law enforcement. 

Call us at 904-516-5560 if you think that you were a victim of the Conch House Brawl

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