Thursday, January 1, 2015

#Equality in 2015!

Today is a great day for equality in Florida! The Honorable Judge Robert L. Hinkle ruled this afternoon that all Florida Clerks must issue a marriage license to same-sex couples starting Tuesday, January 6th. There is a three (3) day waiting period in Duval County before the ceremony is preformed. The license must be used within 60 days of issuance, and must be filed within ten (10) days of the ceremony. Meaning, you can't get married until Friday, January 9th.  Here is what you need to get a license in Duval County
            • valid ID for both people
            • Social Security Card for both
            • Cash and possibly exact change: 
              • $61.00 with valid proof of premarital counseling, or 
              • $93.50 without counseling
            • Read The Florida Marriage Handbook (bring a printed copy in case they make you sit there and read it in front of them. They only have a few copies and you can avoid the line if you have your own).

It is likely that clerks who are begrudgingly issuing these licenses may suddenly have unusual requirements. Make sure you have a least $110 in cash with lots of small bills and change. Consider also having two forms of ID and maybe even proof of residency. I say this because the clerks have openly opposed same-sex marriage. 

Because the elected clerks disagree with same-sex marriage,  Duval, Clay and Baker Counties have decided to cancel all weddings performed at the Courthouse because they do not want to discriminate against same-sex couples. (Too late.)

If they won't marry you, we will!

If you and your same sex partner would like to be married in Duval, Clay or Baker (Nassau, or St. Johns too), Plata Schott Attorneys & Counselors at Law will preforming marriages for any couple. For a nominal fee, we will marry you in our beautiful conference room, or at a location of your choosing (including travel costs), and draft and execute a will, and other directives that all couples need. Call us for more information at 904-516-5560. 


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