Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's Kind of a Funny Story

In the summer of 2013, Belkis and Shannon had their first real conversation about being law partners. By May of 2014, it was a done deal. We wanted to share with our clients how this proposal turned into a partnership.
In January 2011, Shannon started working at the Public Defender's Officer with Belkis. They became fast friends working together in the Juvenile division. They were recognized as being a great duo by other local attorneys and their supervisors. From the beginning, they were a great match.
One day, Shannon's parents, Ed and Helen came to visit Shannon in the office. Lo and behold, Belkis already knew them because at 17-year-old, she worked for Schott Chiropractic Clinics. Shannon and Belkis were amazed to make that connection, and laughed about the fact that Shannon worked there too...outside, pulling weeds and doing yard work! (That may be where she gets her aversion to manual labor.)
So, we have come full-circle. In the nearly four years of working together, Shannon and Belkis learned to admire and respect each other's work ethic, dedication to the job, and ability to make good decisions. When it was time to leave the PD's office, they realized that there was no one better to do that with, and here we are.
It is such a small world.

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