Thursday, September 11, 2014

Body-cameras on Law Enforcement

In the wake of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, law enforcement officers are wearing $300 cameras on their body to keep the record clear. The turmoil surrounding the death of Michael Brown has put a marked rift between the community and the people that are sworn to protect them for a number of reasons that ultimately boil down to a search for the truth. An effort to document the interactions between civilians and law enforcement seems like an effort to promote transparency.

source: Yahoo Finance

Digital Ally has upped the ante with "bullet cameras" (think Google Glasses for cops) At the upcoming International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, which is scheduled for October 25-28, 2014 in Orlando, Florida law enforcement will be there to get a demonstration.

Many people have sticker shock when it comes to these "body cameras," but consider how much time and money will be save in litigation and prosecution when there is a live-action shot of what went down.
What do you think?

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